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Concourse E, Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale International Airport - Hollywood, FL

Artist: David Griggs & Scott Parsons
Architect: John Acton, Singer Architects
Photographer: David Laudidio 

Inspired by the beauty of South Florida and the writing of John Steinbeck on his 4,000-mile voyage by boat to the Sea of Cortez, Beyond Rainbow’s End focuses on distances traveled and the larger human journey. Terrazzo was the perfect medium for this vision as it necessitated depth, versatility, and fine detail. This 12,000 square foot installation was poured epoxy terrazzo using brass, aluminum, zinc, 6-pound density crosslink and an assortment of aggregates including Mother of Pearl, Mexicana Blanco, and glass. The installation includes both the stars and starfish from John Steinbeck’s journey—with swirling galaxies and starfish appearing at the beginning of the concourse. As you walk further along, you will encounter the smallness of diatoms, sand dollars, and abstracted starfish, along the way. Numerous mirrored and mother-of-pearl shell pieces in the floor are meant to evoke the reflection of stars on the surface of the water. The end of the concourse concludes with an amazing array of starfish covering a beach. Designers David Griggs and Scott Parsons hope is that each visitor of the airport will connect his or her own travels to that of a larger sense of humanity’s immense and enchanted journey.


Cruise Terminal 18, Port Everglades - Miami, FL

Artist: Michele Oka Doner
Photographer: Dan Forer

Forces of Nature ​embeds the concept of global travel into the cruise terminal itself. The bronze and terrazzo floor is the centerpiece of the new port that serves as the home for the largest cruise ships circumnavigating the globe. Passengers are greeted by a cast bronze globe, with crisscrossing longitudinal and latitudinal lines that seem to spin with energy. Enhancing the movement are great sweeps of iridescent mother-of-pearl, evocative of the trade winds. Ocean currents pick ip the sense of motion from the spinning globe, carried by the winds in wave-like patterns. Floating on these waves are a large array of cast bronze seeds, drawn from the multitude of actual seeds that drift far and wide in the currents.

Artist: Barbara Neijna
​Architect: M.C. Harry and Associates

Foreverglades is a monumental work of art, ten years in production and fabricated in four countries. The installation encapsulates the interior walls of the concourse with cast stone panels, dominates the floors with implicit text and illuminates the interior space with brilliantly hued art-glass. The Foreverglades installation was created as a public environment that is special to South Florida and, like the first words from Marjory Stonemen Douglas' book, "The Everglades, River of Grass" is unique like no other. 


Concourse J, Miami International Airport - Miami, FL



Community Recreation Center - Aventura, FL

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Working hand-in-hand with the Little Haiti Optimist Club and with amazing local partners like The Home Depot® and Odebrecht Construction, a new Tech and Youth Center was designed at Soar Park to host computer stations and a bulletin board for residents seeking new careers and personal enrichment and for kids and teens to enjoy the activity room or partake in after-school enrichment classes and programs. We feel privileged to have participated in this community project with our terrazzo flooring installation.

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The City of Aventura provides locals with this Community Recreation Center (CRC) which plays host to multiple programs, classes and activities offered by the "City of Excellence". In planning the state-of-the-art center, the city chose terrazzo as its medium for long-lasting, durable, and economical flooring that can be both marveled at and actively used by the community.


Community Tech and Youth Center at Soar Park - Little Haiti, FL