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Procurement methods, specification writing, and well written bidding documents are often factors that determine whether or not the client purchases the intended product and that the product will perform as expected. 

We offer Bid & Specification Services to:

  • Architects
  • Design Professionals
  • Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • End Users
  • Government Agencies


Creative Terrazzo Systems, Inc. provides installation for every product we offer to our clients. Our team consists of experienced experts, each uniquely qualifies to install your flooring system. As the foundation to every installation is floor preparation, we make sure our staff is skilled in prepping your space for an easy, hassle-free, fast and beautiful installation. Every one of our installations is fully guaranteed.  


Caring for your floor after installation is what will make your space really stand out from the rest and maintain its long-lasting beauty. Ask us about maintenance and care for your floor. This includes training your maintenance staff to care for your new, unique terrazzo installation. 


Whether it is to guide you throughout your installation, advise on complex and large-scale terrazzo projects, or to assess pre-existing damage on your terrazzo floor, our industry experts can provide consulting services to ease the process of bidding, installing, or restoring your terrazzo floor. As a company backed by the NTMA®, our executive staff is qualified to advise you on how to manage your terrazzo project from A to Z. Contact us directly to request estimates for consulting services. 


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