A 1.75" to 2" thick terrazzo with a non-ground, textured surface meant for exterior use. This system is available with bonded and monolithic terrazzo.


  • Infinitely variable textures, colors and patterns
  • Weather resistant
  • Skid resistant deck surface

Rustic Bonded Terrazzo 

A nominal 1/4" or 3/8" thick resin matrix veneer placed upon a level concrete slab. Also can be specified with glass, synthetic, or granite aggregates in lieu of marble to provide brilliant colors or chemical resistance. This is the best "thin-set" system. 


  • Unlimited Matrix Colors
  • ​Color Control
  • Resiliency
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Light-weight
  • Excellent for tensile-compressive strengths not found in cement-based terrazzo

​Epoxy Thin-Set Terrazzo


​We are NTMA® certified terrazzo installers for all of the terrazzo systems listed below. Have some questions about which installation works best for your space? Call us at 305.418.9893 or fill out out contact form HERE

A 2.5" to 3" thick cement matrix topping underbed with wire reinforcing, isolation sheet, and sand layer system for interior floor use. This is the best "cement-based" system. 


  • Absorbs minor substrate defects
  • Prevents mirroring to the surface

Polyacrylate Terrazzo

A cement matrix and underbed system for interior and exterior areas where conditions require 1.25" to 1.75" of recessed depth to be filled in addition to the .5" terrazzo topping. 


  • Less dependence on the concrete slab for flatness when compared to monolithic

Sand-Cushioned Terrazzo

A 1/2" thick cement matrix veneer placed upon a provided concrete slab. It is dependent on the concrete quality for flatness and crack prevention and should be installed on grade or below grade only. Ideal for use where time and budget are critical.


  • Fast installation
  • Most economical price compared to other terrazzos

Bonded Terrazzo

A nominal 3/8" thick polymer modified cement matrix veneer placed upon a provided level concrete slab. Polymer provides strength to allow for thinner applications of cementitious systems, ideal for replacing vinyl or carpet without depth transition difficulties.


  • Fast installation
  • Moderate price range
  • Good to use in areas subject to moisture vapor transmissions where epoxy terrazzo or other "non-breathing" floors will not adhere

Monolithic Terrazzo

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