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Creative Terrazzo Systems Inc is a contractor that specializes in terrazzo installations. Our team works with Architects and General Contractors during the entire process to make sure that the design and installation satisfies the customer’s requirements. You can find our work in Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Ports, Retail Stores, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Libraries, Hotels, and Residences throughout Florida. We use industry leading materials and installation methods in every project and our entire team takes immense pride in the terrazzo floors we install. Creative Terrazzo Systems Inc is a proud member of the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (NTMA). If you’d like to ask us a question feel free to email us at info@terrazzosystems.com or call (954) 767 -6372 during our office hours.

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With today’s materials and methods, there are different types of terrazzo floors and different ways to install them. Creative Terrazzo Systems offers the following installation services

Epoxy terrazzo has become a popular choice in many projects today because of its benefits over other flooring options. The benefits of installing epoxy terrazzo include its low maintenance, durability, longevity, design capabilities, and surface resistance. Its low maintenance and longevity make it more economical than any other flooring on the market. An endless color range of epoxies mixed with the unlimited combinations of aggregates, glass, and shells create true design flexibility.

Cementitious terrazzo is ideal for exterior applications because of its ability to let moisture pass through it from the concrete slab below. Unlike epoxy terrazzo, there are some design limitations when working with cementitious terrazzo. The variety of colors used in cementitious terrazzo are much more limited than the variety of epoxy colors available. Even with these design limitations there are still plenty of combinations to choose from to create an amazing cementitious terrazzo floor.

Precast Terrazzo is terrazzo that is poured into a mold or cast and then grinded and polished before it is installed. Stairs and baseboards are the most common types of precast terrazzo, but countertops, benches, and even wall panels can be made using the precast method.


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